On letting go of attachments and being grateful

We were born naked and helpless. In no time, life progressed, and we are where we are. We are not here forever. When it is over, we will go just as we came. Life is an incredibly amazing thing. We can never escape that we are an expression of life. And there should be no … Continue reading On letting go of attachments and being grateful

Why things usually just work out

As I was getting deep into personal development, and becoming more and more conscious about little things in my daily life, I was often a little confounded by the spectrum of my beliefs.  On one end, there was "how you feel inside shapes your experiences" and "you should enjoy good social connections", "you should sleep … Continue reading Why things usually just work out

Eckhart Tolle happens

The day before flying to India, I discovered Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. This was just as transformational as the initial spell of mindfulness meditation. Without completely reading the book (until things started getting more spiritual than I was prepared for), Eckhart convinced me that the present moment is always this neutral place where life happens. All … Continue reading Eckhart Tolle happens