Next Big Thing

I am not entirely comfortable writing this. As you know, I like to be in the present moment. Conflict of interests. When I interact with people who are into meditation, yoga, and other self awareness practices, one question that comes out is why don’t most people do this? Self awareness and inner happiness wouldn’t most people want that?

Often the answer is self awareness is a very self initiated phenomenon. Most people are ok with the way the things are. Advertising is not second nature to self awareness. Every person is entitled to their own journey and figuring out what works best for them.

Meditation has been around for thousand of years. Ever since Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree and recognized the impermanent, unsatisfactory and selfless nature of existence, people have known about meditation and self awareness. There has been an entire religion (or may be more than one) based on this. Entire blogs have been written around this. Leo BabautaDavid CainLori Deschene …

But my reckless mind is tempted to think that meditation can be the next big thing. Think about computers in 1970s. Big, clunky, meant for industrial, scientific purposes. Some people took a leap of faith and directed the industry towards personal computers. Mass adoption. In 40 years, landscape has changed. Internet. Information is much more accessible. There is more room for connection and DIY than ever. I personally haven’t quite figured out how to use social media. There are no physical sensations and vibes to strengthen and base connections on. I don’t want to spend too much time in my head. But I like reading. Learning. And now I am trying to find ways to produce content.

For me personally, meditation has been a big thing. Nothing before has had the same effect on me. I am the odd one out on this journey. Most people on this journey started late in their life (40s). If they started young, they grew up in a very health conscious family in a very progressive part of the world. Or they were a Buddhist monk.

Because I went through a change of personality, and I experienced the effects in all areas of my life first hand, I have a unique perspective. I see possibility for change. I see need for more awareness.

As David Cain puts it in his blog, there is room for change. Corporations have manipulated people into buying more than what they need to, for most of this and the past century (in the west). People want connection and happiness. They don’t know how to find it. They are bombarded with advertisements, and competitive pressure from peers. What is easy is not always the answer.

Internet is a powerful thing, and some people figured out how to make it accessible to the masses. Self awareness is a powerful thing too. We are investing so much in Artificial Intelligence. We need to direct our attention towards human intelligence.

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