Say adios to the story

One constant in all cultures is stories. We watch movies, we read news stories, we read biographies, we write diaries. I write blogs.  This is a paradox.

Cultures spin stories. Most of what we experience in our daily lives is filtered by these stories. Feel good stories. Emulating some other person’s life.

Let me tell you my own story. What started me on this path of self awareness. 14 months ago, I was lost. Like everyone else I saw the world through the filters of stories. In my case it was a crazy mix of worlds — millennials living in Seattle, my family in India, my friends here and there. I did not belong anywhere. And I had crazy mix of stories running in my head. I’m single, I need a girlfriend. Before my conservative family in India starts making life hell for me. I need to care about my parents. I need to be cool. I need to be in good shape. I need cool friends. I need to start a company. So much neediness, so much anxiety. No groundedness. There was even a story about how to not be single. Go out every night. Try to fit in.

Today, I am still single. I don’t have a company. I still have a family in India. But I am much more comfortable. I only do things I want to do, or if someone’s gonna die because I am not going to do it :). I have already beaten my drums about how good people interactions have become for me, and how I know what I want to do in life. It only keeps getting better. But I don’t have a story. Life is beautiful as it is.

What will happen if everyone took a moment to realize they are living a complex mix of stories that were handed down to them by just about everyone else. People will be happier. People will be more present. They will see more opportunities. There will be less hate and more we are on a similar journey of life. More compassion. Less seeking approval and more hey I love this thing, I want to do more of it.

People will live and let others live. People with alternative approaches to life will become mainstream. There will be more creativity. Sorry Shakespeare.

What about crime. What about crazy people. Hang in there, I just said compassion will increase. There will be less hate and more we are on a similar journey of life.

How do you say adios to the story. You can’t say goodbye to it. You let it be in your head. Like thoughts. Human beings have this more advanced sense called awareness. You are not your thoughts. First step is recognizing that you are having this thought. That will automatically start a domino end of that story, and you will see colors more vividly, sounds more clearly, and be 10% happier doing anything.