One thought that will open up your life

Something is going so well. But day in and day out, life becomes less and less multi-colored.  You have become attached.

Most commonly talked about addictions like alcohol or drugs are easier to not get attached to.  There are more subtle addictions. One day you had a great experience — you were connecting with people so well, or your idea was well received. You get attached to a person, you thought was special. Another day, similar situation, different experience.

You become extremely selective in your life. Only this, nothing else. Why is it bad? For one, you will get hurt eventually. But even when things are going well, you are narrowing the scope of your life. You meet countless interesting people and opportunities, but you just don’t see fun in them anymore.

I am not suggesting you to not have attachment. In fact, lets go a level deeper.  One common theme with attachment is “I am not enough”. I need to do something or get something to be enough. It creates a vicious cycle, which might start well but has a long bad tail.

Let me spin the globe, and show you what you miss when you go about your life trying to find completeness outside. You miss the world coming to you. A new day, a new person, a new experience, that your mind was not capable of grasping. You miss the variety and robustness of life. When you are seeking, you put on these colored lenses, that filter out a whole spectrum of opportunities. Getting attached every now and then is a part of life, but when you keep seeking outside, the degree of attachment is so much more that you waste a ton of time just recovering. It is like going out with an unnecessary weakness.

So if you are enough, does that mean you won’t go outside and explore? Of course. You won’t be seeking, you will be enjoying.

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