You have only scratched the surface

I like constants. They make our existence seem more sane, without compromising the wilderness of life.

If I were to state one constant that has played a pivotal role in my recent life, there is always a present moment. No matter what you are doing, or experiencing, it is in a present moment. So all that meditation and noticing the breath and bodily sensations, and sounds and even thoughts, creates this self reciprocating feedback loop, that makes me more and more comfortable with the wilderness of life, while always having a home. This home is constant and always accessible. Makes me understand religious people more and why they want the idea of god, who is there to look after them. As an atheist (or an agnostic) and a pragmatist, I have trained myself to feel comfortable noticing my breath, sounds, contacts, or whatever feeling is going on. It is not any different from how people train themselves to relax in sweets or relax in an orgasm. Those are easier. Some people train themselves to relax in writing code or playing video games or reading books or playing music, and the list goes on. The breath, contacts, and feelings are always there. Those other things are not.

Anyways another constant that just came to me was you have only scratched the surface. This is a constant applicable for the human mind. Human mind has this amazing capability to hunt for answers. You find an answer, and then you think you are done. Except, you have only scratched the surface. Universe is a complex fractal. It is not one pattern repeating itself. It is gazillion patterns going deeper with more and more complexity. To the point that, our mind will always be limited, our knowledge will grow, our capabilities will grow, but we will never reach fulfillment, otherwise life wouldn’t make sense. Fulfillment is not what we want. We want fulfillment, but only on a temporary basis. Only to ground ourselves, relax and recover and then we are on again.

The thing I have noticed with all religions, including Buddhism is there is always this mention of fulfillment. Peace. We like peace and fulfillment, but once we have recovered our energy and we discover we have only scratched the surface, we like that too.

So I leave you to yet another man made new year, and I hope you relish in the fact that you have only scratched the surface.

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