How you feel inside shapes your experiences

This is the single biggest motivator to do yoga, going for a run, or sitting down for meditation for a lot of people I know. I will encourage you to take a mental note of how some key moments felt in your last week. In particular, how did it make you feel on the inside. You don’t have to worry about words or limiting yourself with language. Whatever comes, just make a mental note, acknowledge it, no need to write it down with pen. You can write it down with a pen too. But not a big deal.

Try to cover the feel good moments. Your mind will have a tendency to gravitate towards negative experiences. If one such negative experience takes over the wallpaper of your mind, don’t worry. The best way through an emotion is through it. Notice how it feels. You might feel various parts of your body reacting in various ways. Notice them. Feeling emotions this way, almost inevitably leads to relaxation, and clear blue sky. It may take some time. But what comes out at the other end is clarity, and ease. Worth your time.

Now focus on things that made you feel good. In particular the things which are fully in your control. It could be, how you felt waking up and making yourself breakfast, it could be yoga. Try to add these things to your daily routine. Totally in your control, and you can do it everyday. You would notice even brief moments of doing these feel good routines early in the day makes a difference in how your day goes.

You are more at ease with yourself and that translates to doing everything  a little better. How your perceive things will also change. You will now have an eye for art. Taste for good food. Fondness for good social interactions. You will spend less time getting caught up in things, which you know lowers the quality of the day. You will have room to be constructive.

This is simple, and effective.

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