Way to the heart

One trait that has eluded me is genuine compassion. Compassion is the core of Buddhist meditation. More life experiences, more meditation, compassion feels more and more real.

It turns out my best meditation experiences have been when I felt heart broken. May be that is the way to the heart. We are too often caught up in trying to run away from heart break. No one likes rejection. Nearly every rejection in the past, I have tried to come out thinking how to not run into that rejection again. But I feel rejection much less than before. Before I would feel rejected trivially. More self confidence, and ability to find inner happiness, I guess.

So when I came back home lost in a sea of weird emotions, I did my usual routine for such situations. Breathe … and notice the feelings in my body. This time the storm lasted several hours. When it disappeared, what remained was interesting.

I felt like clear water, with a little more flavor.

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