Finding balance

More than 50 percent, if not more, of the stars are born in a binary system. It is quite common for stars to be born in clusters with one or more companions. If there is one thing that nature is quite clear about, balance is a necessity.

If we are looking for something, we are looking for balance. When we can’t find it, we become unstable. We may not know it consciously, but we instinctively seek it. The only reason why we are not feeling equanimity is because we haven’t found the balance for whatever shook us from equanimity.

Whatever shakes us from equanimity is not always in our control. We are often caught off guard. While it is possible to learn from one experience and minimize the chances of it happening again, there are nearly infinite ways in which we can be caught off guard, and hence it is silly to think that we will be unshakeable.

The key is to understand the need for balance. When we are not aware of it, we might unknowingly be making things worse. Just notice yourself in moments when you feel unsettled.  Even if it is something psychological, which is more often the case for us. Your body and mind are trying to find balance. Just recognizing this can be a calming first step.

Now think of the binary companions to the activities you do in your day. Sitting and eating a delicious meal can pair with a nice little walk outdoors. A nice little walk outdoors can pair with writing/reflecting/blogging. Writing can pair with some yoga poses and movements. Those yoga poses and movements can pair with meditation or breathing exercises. Meditation or breathing exercises can pair with some social time. Some social time can pair with doing something in a group. Doing something in a group can pair with relaxing together and eating a meal. Of course this sounds too easy and probably not realistic. We have to earn a living. We have to earn food. We have to find people to be with. So these worries can pair with the corresponding actions. Search for a job, or search for food, or search for people to be with. The search can pair with success or disappointment. Disappointment can pair with some exercise or meditation or finding support with a loved one. And these can pair with a contemplative walk. You get the gist. Life goes on.

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