Some other useful tips

I recently discovered the effectiveness of free form writing on a note pad with pen. It goes like this. You ask a question, whatever is on your mind, just write it down. Then you will answer it. Write it down. Then you will have more questions, Again write it down. Just remember to write it down, there is no need to edit it for a final version. The goal is to express yourself freely.

Writing with a pen is different than typing on a computer. I have found this exercise to be more effective when writing with a pen on a piece of paper.

So an example scenario was. I am not motivated to work. I kept writing questions and answers, ultimately I found a sense of peace when I hit this question “why do you do anything?” Answer “to help someone — myself or another person”.

It was strange as I had never looked at work like that. Simple but drastic shift in the way I look at things.

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