On letting go of attachments and being grateful

We were born naked and helpless. In no time, life progressed, and we are where we are. We are not here forever. When it is over, we will go just as we came.

Life is an incredibly amazing thing. We can never escape that we are an expression of life. And there should be no reason to escape. That is who we will always be. It is just an illusion when we think we are separate from the rest of life. We forget that something is helping us. It has always been helping us in one way or another. Life itself is helping us. Every experience, every emotion, every thought, every physical sensation, every interaction. We have tried to understand, to take control, but we will never be free from the flow of life. Regardless of the illusion of what we have achieved, or what status we have, we are nothing but it – life.

Life flows. You can never hold on too long. You cannot hold on to happiness nor sadness. Nor can you hold on to control, or social structure. Definitely not hold on to fears too long. But what you can do is love and be grateful and trust in this process. Attachments are a tricky thing. Letting go of attachments does not mean breaking a relationship or changing something externally. It is actually no longer being consumed by whatever fear led to that attachment. We forgot along the way the natural process of life. We forgot to be grateful and loving to every moment. Even the most creative, innovative things we have done, have come out spontaneously. It was life expressing itself.

No matter what, remember that life knows a way, it flows.

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