The often overlooked link that connects us all

Have you noticed how everything happening around us has something in common? Regardless of whether it is a person walking, or a bird flying, or a breeze blowing, or distant sounds of vehicles, or the whistle of the wind.

All of this is happening in the now. You can add things happening inside you to that list — insights, judgments, emotions, sensations. Have you ever considered for a moment that everything is connected by this moment? In this moment, someone had to drive, a bird had to soar up, and thoughts had to bubble up. If you take away the moment, you take away the link between a gazillion things.

What if all that you know, see, hear, experience, all that complexity is just layers of complexity on top of something really simple. What if that bird soaring above you or that car passing by you, or that thought bubbling up in your head are deep down just this moment. What if all that is just the ripples on the surface of a common ocean. Or branches, twigs and leaves of a tree. At the surface those ripples have variations, character. Those branches and leaves have forms. But it all came from the root.  If you can observe the synchronicity in everything with their own character, you can see how they are all connected by this moment.

Could we simplify our lives by reminding ourselves of this ocean or tree which we are all part of? This moment. Loving attention to it. Instead of remaining in the complexity at the surface. After all, everything is deep down fairly simple. This moment with a gazillion layers of character on it. Those gazillion layers of character are just for the collage, and the real thing is this moment.

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