Do not force it — Continued

Nature plays a playful hide and seek game, when we try to understand it, and take control. There may not be anything visibly magical about it. But that is your ego center observing.

The ego center is all about cutting pieces from one continuous sheet. This moment (which is flowing to another moment) is a continuous membrane, which we are all part of. Ego, when taken out of proportions, misses this continuous membrane. That ego center itself is a part of the continuous membrane, but does not understand it. The ego center has a role. To help our survival. You don’t have to bring it out, it will automatically jump out and take control of you when needed.

But that is all ego center is meant for. If you live all of your life in the ego center (even when survival is not at stake), you will fragment your existence into so many pieces that one day, it stops helping your survival. It suffocates the life out of you.

So after a certain limit, and a certain level of awareness that you can build by paying loving attention to your experience, the fragments that were created by that sniping scissor of yours will soon start to fade. It won’t be as you want it to though. Hence saying this to someone will not directly change their reality. But with awareness and with the flow of moments, unnecessary layers of ego will peel of. Ego will resist, it will bring despair. But the awareness knows too much, and eventually the despair brought about by ego’s layers will be revealed to be futile and it peels off. And then a new reality. But ego has several unnecessary layers. They will peel off just like this in time.

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