We are creators

We are creating. Every moment, every interaction. Now we may not have control individually. But we choose, hence we create.

We do not create so much by trying to create. It is the opposite. We create, when we allow ourselves to create. Our experiences are the greatest asset we have. If we can pay loving attention to our moment to moment experience, yes we will have beautiful moments and sad moments, but by paying loving attention to it, we can exist separately from the ups and downs. Our intuition learns. Every difficult experience adds a new invaluable skill, if we allow ourselves to come out of it.

With experience, we learn that it is all us. Even those other people. We can choose to see reality as divided pieces working against each other or as a synchronous musical composition that goes together. We can come to the conclusion that seeking is futile. What we want is already here. Every moment. Flowing into another. Those difficult emotions and physical sensations that come out time and again are helping us learn, if we can pay loving attention to them. These can be from our own experience, when we were less prepared and more traumatized. Or from our ancestors’ experiences, inherited. But it is all helping us. Allowing the moments to flow with loving attention, these too shall pass, and we will learn and have a new reality going forward.

Enjoy and co-create!

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